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I've posted up a couple of tracks from the new albums
on the Audiography community:

So we shall see what comes of that.

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Off topic - Andy Roberts

This post has nothing to do with the Andy Roberts who has worked with Iain Matthews, Neil Innes, and various other luminaries of the UK folk/comedy scene.

The Andy Roberts I'm talking about here was songwriter, guitarist and vocalist for the London based indie/alternative band Linus, as far as I know the first band to take that name, in 1992, but far from the last. Linus were one of those bands that never quite made it, despite good press, a Radio One session and prestigious support slots for the likes of Hole in 1994/95. Nevertheless, they continued to write, perform and record. Anyone who was lucky enough to hear their stuff or see them will tell you that they were really good. You can read about the band's history on the Linus website.

Last June, Andy was in a road accident, and died of his injuries. Last Saturday, his friends put on a special show to celebrate his life, with readings, bands, and displays. At that show two records were launched, a singles compilation, The Course of True Linus Never Did Run Smooth, and a collection of the best of Andy's 4-track demos.

'Don't Forget', from the compilation, was the lead track on a 1998 vinyl EP. It's a lovely, poignant song about the importance of friendship and the silly little things that make up life's rich pageant. A lot of the stuff on The Course of True Linus ... is just as good as this. The rest is even better.

'Another Girl' is from the demos album. This charming song was later worked up by Linus, acquiring a counter-melody and an elegiac end section that made it even more beautiful than it is here. Sadly, a proper band version was never recorded.

You can buy both these records, and other Linus releases (I particularly recommend the Good Listener album from 2000), from Mole In The Ground Records - the website is still being developed, but an e-mail to will get a response. You can get more downloads of Linus music and Andy's demos at the Linus website.

I should declare an interest - Andy was my mate, and I was even Linus' drummer for a short time (though I'm not on anything recorded). But I am posting these songs because I passionately believe that Linus' and Andy's songs are great pop tunes, as good as anything you'll hear on the likes of 6Music and better than most, and that there are people on this community who would love Andy's music as much as I do, if only they got the chance to hear it. And if that isn't the purpose of audiography, I don't know what is.
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The Andy Roberts celebration event

I am writing to invite you to the Andy Roberts celebration event. The event takes place on Saturday February 18th, at the Spitz in London. Please let me know if you need a flyer.

The event will have a collection of Andy's art on display, and there will be performances from some of Andy's favourite people, including Charlotte Cooper, Spy 51, The Raincoats, Sidi Bou Said, Eugene Wolstenholme, and Ricky Spontane. The remaining members of Linus will perform one song, at 8:40.

There will be two cds available for sale on the night:
Andy's 4-Track Demos will be £5.00. The cd contains 22 pristine pop ditties, and if you're missing him, it's good to hear his voice again. This cd will convince you that Andy was a genuine musical genius.

The Course of True Linus Never Did Run Smooth, the final Linus compilation, will be available for £10.00. The 16-song cd includes remastered versions of the PE ep and the Don't Forget ep, as well as the lost Supercool single and BBC Radio One session.

The Linus website will continue to be developed, so check back every now and then if you want to hear more demos, see some art and photos, and read more stuff.

Thank you for all your support, and I hope to see you on Saturday-
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Sad news

It is with enormous sadness that we announce the end of Linus, due to the loss of founder member Andy Roberts - talented guitarist, singer, songwriter and best friend.

As a mark of respect, we will be maintaining the Linus website, adding all the music, photos, and artwork that we had originally planned. A guestbook has been created.

A cd collection of Andy's 4-track demos is currently being compiled- please email us if you would like a copy. The cd will be available for £1.50, just to cover postage and costs.

Finally, a compilation of singles and rare recordings (including 'lost' single Supercool) will be released later this year.

The remaining members of the band would like to thank all Linus friends and listeners everywhere for their support and enthusiasm these past 13 years.

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On Friday night, we played with the great Pantsuit, Major Matt Mason, and others at the Windmill in Brixton - a lovely show, with lots of friends (hi Charley, Jenni, Sarah, Emily, Tony, Stephen & Siouxsie, Rosie, Katherine, Bridget!) and friendly strangers there. There's some photos at

Soon there'll be additions to the website, and in the Summer, a new EP! We'll keep you posted...
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Linus come out of Winter hibernation

Hi! It's been a while, huh? We've been writing songs! In fact, we're still writing 'em! Two of them are even kind of finished! We have shows, and if you can make the first one, this week, you'll be able to hear those two songs. (Along with eight others we've played before, naturally.) The second one is a while away, but forewarned is forearmed:

Friday March 11 - The Cube Cinema, Bristol
In addition, there will be puppets.
Onstage at 10:30.

Cube Cinema site

Friday April 29 - The Windmill, Brixton, London
Supporting Pantsuit and Major Matt Mason (alias Schwervon!)
We're probably on around 8:30.
£4.00 - bargain!

Windmill site

Take care, and be warm...
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Linus play the Bring Yourself Fest!

We are so thrilled that this event is happening, and even more pleased that we are invited to play!

The Bring Yourself Fest is happening in Bristol on the weekend of September 3rd - 5th. It is being extremely well-organised by the admirable Local Kid gang, who brought us last year's Ladyfest Bristol. It's a free festival, with art, workshops, and some of our favourite bands.

Linus is playing Saturday the 4th, around 10:00, with Hooker, Headfall, The Holy Terror, and Sofia Gradin.

More details:

Apologies if we've already told you about this more than once- can you tell how excited we are?
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That London show finally...

Dear Friends,

Remember that London show on the Linus tour that got cancelled? It's been rescheduled, and now doubles as a celebration for the release of our new four-track CD, the 'P.E. ep'.

Those nice Homocrime folks are our hosts. There'll be DJing and other surprising attractions, and it goes on until really quite late. It all happens on:

Saturday June 26th, at:
5 Clipstone Street
London W1
8pm - 1am
3 pounds, or 2 pounds concessions/with flyer.

Linus onstage 10pm.

As well as the new EP, there will be an EXCLUSIVE Linus item on sale at the show...

It will be invigorating to see you there!
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Oh no!

The London show is cancelled, due to double-booking. We will re-schedule.

Monday's Bristol show is still on...
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Linus on tour

Linus has been closed for Winter, but now we're back in business! We're going around the country to say hello and play a few songs in these specially-chosen towns and cities:

Sunday April 18th
The Cardigan Arms
with Kavolchy

Monday April 19th
The Cumberland Arms
with We Start Fires
and The Chinatowns

Tuesday April 20th
The Talbot
with The Mostons
and Secret Pop Club

Wednesday April 21st
Club 24/7
with Zombina and the Skeletones
and Lovecraft
and The Compulsives

Thursday April 22nd
The Roadhouse
with Hooker
Purgatory State
and Kavolchy

Monday April 26th
The Thekla
with Electrelane
New Black

Further tour details are available at
our website.

The next installment of the Linus saga continues with details of our new record, coming soon...
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